SM Foro

This guide will help you install SM Foro themes step by step.


1 SYSTEM REQUIREMENT ai??i?? Back to top

At the basic level, this theme will require the following conditions:

    • Compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.7.x; 1.8.x and 1.9.x (require: php 5.4 and Memory_limit no less than 256Mb)

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There are two ways to install a Magento Theme:

  • Install quickstart: By using this package, you will set the theme exactly as our Demo with sample data.
  • Install Manual (included of Theme installation package): You will need only be using the zipped files “Theme” folders.

Please Note that in our Theme package included all of extensions.

3.1 Quickstart Installation :

Magentech provides SM Quickstart package for each theme which aims to ease the installation for users. It will help you save much time of installing and configuring if you plan to start your site from the beginning. Please following steps below:

  • Step 1: Download the quickstart package
  • Step 2: Extract and Upload the whole Quickstart package to your server. In Quickstart folder you will see the extracted folder that include all sample data
  • Step 3: Create a Database for your Magento

  • Step 4: Start installation by opening browser and navigate to your URL (where the Quickstart uploaded) to load default Magento installer. Please follow each step of the Installer so that the installation process can be set.

  • Step 5: Locale Settings. Please fill fully into Required Fields (“Locale; Time Zone and Default Currency”.)

  • Step 6: In the Configuration step, input the required fields as below.
    • Do not use ai???localhostai??? in URL, otherwise you could not log in to your Admin area (you should use your local IP in case of installing on your computer).
    • Leave Tables prefix field blank.

  • Step 7: Create Admin Account. Please fill fully into Required Fields (“First Name; Last Name; Email; Username; password and confirm password”.)

  • Step 8: Finish Installation and now you can Go to Frontend or Go to Backend.

3.2 Manual Installation

Theme Installation

Please install Magento extension Theme in advance of any other installations to avoid unexpected conflicts that may occur.

    • Step 1: Copy folders skin and app to your site root folder. The overwritten folders should have a directory layout like this:

      {docroot} /magento/

    • Step 2: Log in to your Admin Panel (e.g. Access Magento Admin area: http://yourdomain/index.php/admin/). Log out and log in back.
    • Step 3: Navigate to System >> Cache Management, Select All the cache types, take Action as Refresh and Submit.

    • Step 4: Navigate to System >> Configuration >> Design tab (in the left hands column).
    • Step 5: In Package tab, input “Current Package Name” field with the actual theme name.

    • Step 6: You can also change the settings for Header .

  • Step 7: Click Save Config button to finish.

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4.1 Configure pages

4.1.1 Homepage Default – with 2 columns with right bar Layout

Detailed layout of Homepage Default:


To configure this page, in the Admin Panel, navigate to CMS >> Pages. Create a new page in Page Management section.

Copy and paste the following code into the Layout Update XML field of Design tab :

4.2 Change Color Style for Theme

SM Foro support 6 Color Style: “Green; Blue; Orange; Pink; Meadow, Purple”. In the Admin Panel, please navigate to SM Foro Settings >> in General Foro tab, find Color Style Parameter >> select Color Style that you want to display >> Press “Save Config“.

4.3 Configure Mega Menu

  • Step 3: In order to add menu items, Go to SM Mega Menu >> Menu items Manager to add items as you want.

With Horizontal Menu:


Frontend Appearance

Tree of New Arrivals menu:

Copy & Paste the Content code of Static Image into editor :

With Vertical Menu:


Frontend Appearance

Tree of Mobile & Tablet menu:

Please go to the url “media/wysiwyg/image-megamenu/static-megamenu1.jpg” to get Static Image.

4.4 Configure Extensions

List of Extensions are used in SM Foro Theme:

  • SM Search Box Pro Module : Click Here to view tutorial
  • SM Cart Pro Module : Click Here to view tutorial
  • SM Mega Menu: Click Here to view tutorial
  • SM Image Slider Module : Click Here to view tutorial
  • SM Super Categories : Click Here to view tutorial
  • SM Deal Module : Click Here to view tutorial
  • SM Categories
  • SM Facebook

I. SM Search Box Pro

  • Position: SM Search Box Pro
  • Frontend

  • Backend of SM Search Box Pro: Click Here

II. SM Cart Pro

  • Position: SM Cart Pro
  • Frontend

  • Backend of SM Cart Pro: Click Here

III. SM Image Slider

  • Position: SM Image Slider
  • Frontend

  • Backend of SM Image Slider: Click Here

IV. SM Super Categories

  • Position: SM Super Categories
  • Frontend

  • Backend of SM Super Categories: Click Here
  • To config this position, please navigate to CMS >> Pages >> Home page, navigate to Design tab and paste code as below:

V. SM Deal

  • Position: SM Deal
  • Frontend

To view more guide about How To Configure SM Deals in SM Theme, please click Here
VI. SM Categories

  • Position: SM Categories
  • Frontend

  • Backend of SM Categories: Click Here

VII. SM Facebook

  • Position: SM Facebook
  • Frontend

  • Backend of SM Facebook: Click Here

4.5 Configure blocks

The SM Foro has static blocks in the Theme:

  • Foro – BannerPromotion
  • Foro – Help
  • Foro – My Account Links
  • Foro – Banner Slider
  • Foro – Banner Content
  • Foro – Slider Testimonial
  • Foro – Brand
  • Foro – Service
  • Foro – Bookmark Footertop
  • Foro – About Footer
  • Foro – Infomation Footer
  • Foro – Extra
  • Foro – CustomlinkFooter
  • Foro – Icon footer
  • Foro – Icon footer

To create static blocks, go to CMS >> Static Blocks >> Add new block

Foro – BannerPromotion


Link show Backend of Foro – BannerPromotion.

Content Code of Foro – BannerPromotion:

Foro – Help


Link show Backend of Foro – Help.

Content Code of Foro – Help:

Foro – My Account Links


Link show Backend of Foro – My Account Links.

Content Code of Foro – My Account Links:

Foro – Banner Slider


Link show Backend of Foro – Banner Slider.

Content Code of Foro – Banner Slider:

Foro – Banner Content


Link show Backend of Foro – Banner Content.

Content Code of Foro – Banner Content:

Foro – Slider Testimonial


Link show Backend of Foro – Slider Testimonial.

Content Code of Foro – Slider Testimonial:

Foro – Brand


Link show Backend of Foro – Brand.

Content Code of Foro – Brand:

Foro – Service


Link show Backend of Foro – Service.

Content Code of Foro – Service:

Foro – Bookmark Footertop


Link show Backend of Foro – Bookmark Footertop.

Content Code of Foro – Bookmark Footertop:

Foro – About Footer


Link show Backend of Foro – About Footer.

Content Code of Foro – About Footer:

Foro – Infomation Footer


Link show Backend of Foro – Infomation Footer.

Content Code of Foro – Infomation Footer:

Foro – Extra


Link show Backend of Foro – Extra.

Content Code of Foro – Extra:

Foro – CustomlinkFooter


Link show Backend of Foro – CustomlinkFooter.

Content Code of Foro – CustomlinkFooter:

Foro – Maps Footer


Link show Backend of Foro – Maps Footer.

Content Code of Foro – Maps Footer:

Foro – Icon footer


Link show Backend of Foro – Icon footer.

Content Code of Foro – Icon footer:

4.6 How To Edit Copyright in admin

Frontend Appearance

In the Administrator page, Please navigate to System >> Configuration >> find SM Foro to configure the “Custom Copyright” parameter as image below:

Advanced Style

  • Show Cpanel – Allow to Enable/Disable Cpanel
  • Show Go to Top – Allow to Enable/Disable Go to Top
  • Use Add to Cart – Allow to Enable/Disable Cart
  • Use Add to Wishlist – Allow to Enable/Disable Wishlist
  • Use Add to Compare – Allow to Enable/Disable Compare
  • Enable Custom Copyright – Allow to Enable/Disable Custom Copyright
  • Copyright – If you select “Yes”, please custom copyright here, or else “No” will display the default copyright of Magento.
  • Custom Css – Allow to custom css
  • Custom Javascript – Allow to custom Javascript

Note: Please click Here to view more about How To Set Default Language and Currency in Magento.

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Thank you so much for purchasing this theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please send us via: Support Tickets System

Thanks so much!